Thursday, 30 July 2020

Beating the lockdown blues with BeYou - AD

Hello... Remember me? I can't believe how long it's been since I posted on the blog! To tell you the truth I've completely fallen off the motivation train and I haven't had anything I feel is worth writing about and my mental health took a nose dive during June. However, I'm back with another collab with BeYou who asked if I'd like to work with them on some of their CBD products - something I've been really keen to try for a while. During July I've picked myself up and been on a mission to get out of the rut I was in.

Of course, I need to disclaim that with this being a collab, the products I'm going to mention have been sent to me in exchange for promotion on my socials but as ever, all views are my own.

As the name suggests, cannabidiol (CBD) comes from cannabis which means people end up with preconceptions of what it can do for you. However, it contains minute amounts of THC meaning it's totally legal and you're going to get all the benefits of the hemp plant without that 'high'. CBD can help with your well being in a whole manner of ways including pain management, mood, anxiety and sleep. Having diagnosed depression and anxiety, a bad back from childbirth and a non-existent sleeping pattern, I think I tick all the boxes as a test subject! BeYou sent me their CBD oil spray along with their gummies (which are exclusively available from Superdrug) and I've been trialling them throughout July.

First up, the oral spray. I was sent the 600mg strength berry flavour. It's recommended to start with 14 sprays under the tongue, spread out over 2-3 doses throughout the day. You just spray it under your tongue and hold it there to let the CBD absorb. I must admit, I found the spray a little messy, having to aim it accurately under my tongue and the trigger ends up oily but I didn't find it put me off using it. Along side that, I received the tub of 40 gummy bears, which let me tell you taste AMAZING. You honestly wouldn't know that they're CBD, you get raspberry ones and orange ones in there (the raspberry ones were my fave) and they have the exact same texture as Haribo Goldbears. There's 5mg of CBD in each bear and are recommended as an ideal top up for your CBD intake.

As well as taking CBD supplements I've been using Penelope's napping window as a time to get off my arse and get moving. I've EVEN dug out my 10 year old Wii Fit... I know, WHO EVEN IS SHE?! I've actually lost half a stone in 3 weeks! (Losing weight, my relationship with food and my body positive journey is something I'm going to cover in another blog post). Weight loss wasn't my aim with this but exercise is supposed to be really good for your mood and as my mental health had hit an all time low, I really needed to do something to avoid seeing a doctor (but if I really need to I will). Before you all @ me, I've had a really bad experience regarding mental health and seeing a doctor but this is a story for another day.

BeYou CBD Gummy Bears £17.99
(exclusively at Superdrug)
BeYou CBD Oral Spray £17.99 - £49.99
available in 300mg, 600mg & 1200mg strengths
Anyway, I digress. Whats the verdict on CBD?

Everyone is different and you can expect to have different results based on your own personal situation. I've noticed 3 main changes:

1) My mood
My general mood has been much more stable. Instead of having a rollercoaster of intense highs and extreme dips, I've felt like I've been on much more of a constant and I've felt generally happier.

2) My sleep
It's still not great but it's definitely better. Unlike Luke who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, it takes me much longer to settle. Before I would be tossing and turning until 3, 4, sometimes 5am. I'd be unable to keep my eyes open, yet unable to fall asleep. I'm much more settled at bedtime and falling asleep more quickly with a more regular sleeping pattern.

3) My back
I've been through the whole childbirth shenanigans (you can read my labour & delivery story here), and like many women I've been left with lasting back problems. Just carrying a couple of bags of shopping the 5 minute walk home from the supermarket would leave my back jarred and me having to collapse myself down on the stairs in agony to recover. Whilst I still get back pain, it isn't nearly as excruciating and carrying the shopping home is certainly more manageable. It also means that exercising has been easier as I haven't had pain holding me back.

To conclude, YES IT WORKS. At least it has for me anyway and I would say it's certainly worth a try. You can even type in the batch number on the products on BeYou's website to pull up lab reports from the third party independent laboratory that does their testing. I will be continuing to incorporate CBD in to my lifestyle, and I'm also going to try out a CBD vape!

If you want to get your hands on BeYou's CBD gummy bears you can find them here EXCLUSIVE to Superdrug.
You can find the oral spray along with the rest of their CBD products here.

Thank you to BeYou for collabing with me once again!